Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Dangit....They Caught Me!

I've been tagged. It just took me a couple days to get around to acknowledging it.

I don't mind being tagged and quite honestly I find them quite fun. Things at work are pretty slow now so I have a few minutes to spare (actually I have several minutes to spare). Thing is, I'm not going to tag anyone thought because I don't particularly feel like it, sorry that I'm so non chalant about the whole thing. The chain is ending here peeps. Anyone that knows me knows I actually have a filter on my email that if the subject line contains "Fw", it goes straight to the ol' trashcan.

So here's my tag folks. Get to know a little more about me. I'm really not that interesting.

1. What is your favorite thing to do alone? I can't answer this on my blog....sheesh! For real, I like to read and of course sleep. Sleep is good....
2. What is your favorite thing to do with your best friend? Lately, I just want some time to catch up. They are in Ohio and Vegas - we so rarely have time to just chat. Of course this is best accomplished with a glass of wine.
3. What is your favorite band? Um....dunno. I hardly know the names of bands since my radio doesn't tell me the name of the song & the artist. Am I dating myself if I say Bon Jovi (then & now)
4. What is your favorite song? Um, see above. For some reason though I always crank the radio when Life is a Highway comes on. No idea why. Tom Cochrane reminds me of Marla Hooch from A League of Their Own.
5. What is your favorite part of your job? I really enjoy my colleagues. My managers, my fellow team members, my Director....they are all amazing people.
6. What is your favorite TV show on now? Weeds & Grey's Anatomy.
7. What is your favorite TV show all time? I can't pick - either Friends or Sex & the City. I have seen every episode of both shows at least 5 times.
8. Who is your favorite actor? Actor! Why not Actress!!!! There are just too many to pick one. Brad Pitt has climbed the list in recent years because he's just Brad. I find that I want to respect him, especially his work in New Orleans and his commitment to family. Hope Jennifer Aniston doesn't get mad at me. And Julia Roberts...she's just wacky to me. But I didn't care for The Mexican. Go figure.
9. What is your favorite film? Blah, see above. There are too freakin many people! I am indecisive as crap! Ok....I can watch Erin Brockovich over and over and over. "They're called boobs Ed"

See, told you I wasn't that interesting.

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