Tuesday, July 15, 2008

No Rest for the Weary

I can't really say no rest. I do get rest. Rick and I are still doing our shifts so I am not disturbed by any baby nocturnal issues until 2am at the earliest. I head to bed normally between 9 & 10 so I get a pretty decent 4-5 hours.

As I have said before, Ricky normally wakes up needing a burp and he goes back to sleep with the quickness. I know they say we are supposed to be working on letting him "soothe himself back to sleep" but whatever. Who the heck are "they" anyway? I like him knowing that I am here to take care of him. Check back with me in a few more months then I might be singing another tune.

Each night, we go through this song and dance. Rick comes to bed. About and hour or so later, Ricky wakes wanting his burp. This normally buys me another hour or so before he wants to eat. Often times he takes this bottle, barely conscious and starts snoring within a few minutes. At this time, unless he has pooped or he is soaking/soaked through, I don't change his diaper. I mean, the Pampers are super duper absorbent so no harm, no foul. If, however, I have to do the diaper change thing or onesie/sleeper change thing and he really wakes up, I am screwed. I will rock and sing and soothe and he dozes off, but still doesn't want to be put down.

So inevitably, about twice a week I end up getting up for the day around 3 or 4 am. Change, feed, burp, rock & sing, sing & rock, hum & sshhhhh, on and on I go. Nope, wide awake. I don't know why, but it seems that about 8 hours in his crib is his breaking point. I have no idea why.

He still needs to be fed every 4-5 hours. Sometimes we can push it to 6 hours if he is in the stroller or car. He still spits up, not as much as before, but still does. As a result, we can only give him so much formula. After all, his tummy is only so big.

So until his digestive system matures and he is on more solids, it appears this will be my routine. I just thought I would let folks know in case they see an email from me at 4am. The worst part is this is a primo time to shop online. That is NOT good for my bank account. Or catch up on my tv viewing. I record EVERYTHING with my DVR. Have you seen Weeds? It's hysterical.

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