Saturday, June 21, 2008

Be Careful What You Wish For!

I just had to go and open my big mouth didn't I?

Thursday night, I was rambling on and on about how lucky I think my family is. Not too lucky, just fortunate to have not really had any significant crap to really deal with. Even when we do have some crap handed to us, well...Pookie handles it way better than I do. He is so appreciative of what we have that when things do get a little challenging, he figures that is just nature's way of balancing things out. I constantly look to him to keep me calm during the really crazy times.

Well nature kicked in on Friday night. I came home from work and decided to take the kiddo to the mall, just to do some walking around. Ok, I wanted to go to Sephora and pick up some face wash and leech a free Estee Lauder gift at Macy's. I was feeding the baby in the little mall sitting/relaxing area they have and I haven't seen my cell phone since. I've done all the normal things: called the phone, checked online for any new calling activity, called mall security and even checked each store. Nope, no phone.


But....remember when I said that things have a way of balancing out? Well, I transferred departments in January and my new leadership has been balking about letting me expense my phone each month, with half of the bill being the data plan for email alone. I had been thinking about killing that part of the service anyway in an effort to save some money, karma just beat me to it.

So, new phone, no data plan, bill is half as much. I can always take more pictures. I hope someone worthy found my phone and can put it to good use. I mean, in the grand scheme of things, it's only a phone. However....the AT&T store does have one question to answer: Why did they charge me $40 extra for my phone and make me get extra features when on the website, the price is different and the features aren't necessary?

Man....I really miss my old phone. But, check out my new phone. I got the purple one.

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