Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Sniffles and other woes

Yep, had to happen sooner or later. Remember that cold I mentioned? Much to my dismay, the baby has caught a little cold as well. It could definitely be much worse but at this point, he is being held almost 24/7 cause his nose is all stuffy and every time we lay him down he gets all snargly sounding. He is in good spirits though. I am suctioning and taking brief steams and keeping his head elevated and stuff, so it seems I'm doing all the right things. Just gotta wait it out.

I do however have someone to blame for my frustrations. Ford. Friday afternoon I was heading back from picking up something in Burke and was on 7100 about 1/2 a mile away from home. All of the sudden my engine is revving but I am not accelerating.


Yep, my transmission died. Funny thing, it has been acting up a bit lately anyway and I had an appointment to drop it off on Monday and pick up a loaner. So unless I can drive home in reverse, I am going nowhere. Have I mentioned this is my greatest fear realized? Broken down on the side of the road? I stress so bad when something is going on with my car, but add a new baby to the mix and I'm freaking out even more. This is precisely why I don't mind having a car payment, so I don't have to put up with this crap. Fortunately work is pretty close to home so I called Pookie and he came to pick up the baby immediately while I waited on the tow truck. When the tow truck arrived, I stood in the wet grass, freezing my butt off while he hooked up my car. At least it's under warranty. The only thing is....the loaner is Ford Focus. The backseat is so shallow that when I have the carseat in, I am eating the steering wheel.

Have I mentioned that I was in the center median, with my hazards on, about 100 ft away from a super busy intersection (7100 & 50) and THREE Fairfax County Sheriffs drove by without so much as giving me a second glance?

So, if my transmission hadn't died, I wouldn't have been caught out in the wet grass and caught my cold and passed it along. This is my rationale for blaming Ford. Wonder if I can get some freebies for emotional distress?

But, when I look at this face, how can I possibly be upset? Things will work out....they always do.

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Andi said...

Sorry about all the car problems and that you both have colds! But Damn I am lovin the pics of lil Ricky! He is soo cute I hate that I am not closer to you all!
Love Ya!!