Monday, May 5, 2008

Freakin PCs

My laptop isn't dead dead, but it is acting up.

I am super careful about downloading attachments and our network here at the house is pretty locked down so it isn't a virus, I'm sure of that. It has just been acting a little weird lately. Last night, the wireless adapter wouldn't turn on and when it did, my connection speed to our home network was a whopping 1 Mbps - as opposed to the 54 Mbps that I normally have. That means no internet connection basically.

So, breathe and reboot. Nothing. Not only did it do nothing, but now the wireless adapter is disabled. I didn't do that. It might just be a wireless thing and the drivers need reinstalled or something that I just don't feel like trying to figure it out, nor do I have the time to figure it out. I will get about 10 minutes into it and the kid will wake up. I bet it would work with an actual ethernet cable but I have been spoiled by wireless and I refuse to go back. That would be like having high speed internet then going back to dial up. **Gasp!**

Right now I am on my work laptop. These things are so locked down with antivirus stuff that if I tried to install Picasa, it would flip out. Needless to say, pics will be a little sparse for the next couple days. I had to email my tree guy (long story but I have a cherry tree out back that I love that is infested with these icky caterpillars and now I'm trying to save the tree and get the foliage all thick and the tree pruned). Anyway, oh yeah, emailing the tree guy a couple pics and it took like 5 minutes for them to upload.

Freaking PCs suck......I'm almost tempted to go Mac.

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