Friday, May 2, 2008

Sticker Shock

I headed to the grocery store earlier this week. OMG?!?!

I have never really been in the super saver mode as Rick and I have been rather fortunate so it wasn't the highest priority, but now.....well things have gotta change. I tried the coupon thing back in the day but the cost of paying for the sunday paper and inconvenience of recycling the paper became such a pain, all to save like $1.65 per week. Besides, the coupons were always for new items that I could never find in the store. It's a conspiracy, I'm convinced.

Off I go to "pick up a few things...." Famous last words. I have a few indulgences such as organic milk (half a gallon costs as much as a gallon of milk), whole coffee beans & on occasion some Hansesn's Cherry Vanilla Soda. I ended up spending $90! Can someone tell me when eggs got up to $3 a dozen? That was the "sale" price!! Safeway tried to fool me with all their shiny red tags on the shelves, trying to persuade me into thinking that everything was on sale and they were doing me a favor. They even put the amount saved at the bottom of my receipt - a whopping 36%. Big fat liars. This is what was necessary in order to get the prices down to an acceptable range. Freakin a-holes.

Also, when did putting the eggs in the same bag with a 6 pack of soda become appropriate? Just because it is on top of the soda, you think it won't budge on the drive home?

Got to the car and loaded everything up only to remember I forgot tampons. CRAP! Headed back into the store to pick up tampons, geesh....don't remember the last time I bought those. Of course I have champagne taste when it comes to di da....I prefer Tampax Pearl, the only one not on sale. I could have went to WalMart or someplace but didn't have the time and ended up spending nearly $20 on 2 of the large size boxes.

Only one thing made it worth the trip. Ground beef was on sale for 99 cents per pound. Limit 1.


I suppose if diesel wasn't $4.50 a gallon, it wouldn't cost so much to get the food to the store.

Oil companies, Bush administration, all sucks.

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