Friday, May 30, 2008

Flimmin' Flammin' AC

My AC in the house is out.

The unit inside is like 4 years old so it better not be that. The inside unit kicks on and off no problem, but the outside unit where the coolant and compressor are housed - well the fan thingy doesn't kick on and isn't it supposed to extract the bits of cool air from the outside and cool it and bring it into the house or something like that? I tried to do some HVAC learnin' last night on but I was tired and distracted by a Top Chef rerun, so I didn't learn much.

Anywho, I called and someone will be out here by late morning. Is there any chance this won't be $500? Of course this happens 3 days after I get my credit card paid off.

A side note - the honey needs new tires for his car. We were gonna order online and have hem shipped to a local shop for mounting (half the price folks!) but a friend told me about Tirevan. For $14 more than the online ordering, delivery, dropping the car off stuff, someone is coming to our house to do it all right here, on a Saturday! How flippin' convenient is that?!?!?!

Update: The AC is all fixed. It took the guy all of 15 minutes fix it after he told me that my "5/35 capacitor is out". Pookie was a little perturbed at the $237.50 that it cost to fix it considering the part most likely wasn't over a few bucks but I suppose we are paying for the expertise and what not. Besides, now my house is nice and cool. It's lovely.

But dang, I think we can all agree that plumbers, HVAC guys, roofers, etc - pretty much any sort of contractor has us by the balls once they step foot into our home. After all, we need them. They don't need us.


Jessica said...

I hope that you got that AC fixed!! It was steaming here yesterday!! And I'm glad to hear about the man's new wheels...That's super cool!! I'll keep that in my back pocket for our cars...

Girl said...

We have been without AC awhile. It SUCKS. I hope you get it fixed.