Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Back to Work

Today was my first day back at the office.

I was in such a frazzled state trying to make sure I didn't forget anything that I forgot the most important thing - to say Goodbye to my little man! I was about halfway to work before I realized and I felt absolutely awful. I know he has no clue, but I knew. *Sniff* Alas, I managed to hold back the tears.

Work was ok - it was pretty much nothing, just the standard cleaning out email, getting caught up on projects and stuff. I am also in the middle of a crisis with my bestest friend ever, so that in addition to the first day away from the kid, I was pretty darn distracted all day long.

Then this afternoon my colleagues did a little welcome back thing for me, with a kick butt ice cream cake from Coldstone. I was so overwhelmed. It was so nice to be welcomed back to the team. I guess what I find the most amazing is that I only worked with these folks for about 2 months or less before I went on maternity leave as I just transitioned to the team in January. So these folks, who barely know me, took the time to do something special. This is when the tears finally kicked in, I was just so moved. I know, I'm a little corny that way. Have I mentioned it was the perfect time too? I was totally craving something sweet right at that exact time!

And even boss is amazing. He told me I could leave at 2pm!!!

So all in all, it could have been worse, it could have been better, but I managed to get through it. Knowing that family is at the house taking care of Ricky is a HUGE relief. Speaking of family, things are working out great with the girls, Brittany & Jasmine. They are doing such a great job and are a huge help for us. We are so lucky. They love on him and cuddle him and take such good care of him. It's one thing to find a daycare provider you trust and I have found one. But she is paid to love my baby. Family just loves. I think we can all agree that's definitely the best of the two.

Ugh....daycare. That's another whole thing that I am so NOT itching to experience.

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