Wednesday, February 20, 2008

You're Hired!

I totally love the new doc. She is awesome and patient and genuine and sincere and I feel very comfortable in her capable hands.

I went in today, talked about things that have happened. She explained the importance of monitoring my blood pressure and exactly how it can affect the baby. She explained the reasoning behind bedrest and how it can lower blood pressure. She did a bit of fetal monitoring (he was kinda quiet), checked my cervix - which my previous Doc still hadn't done at 36 weeks, did some bloodwork and so on. I felt this was the most thorough visit since the beginning of my pregnancy.

Upon checking my cervix, I believe her words were "WOW, can't you feel his head? It's all the way down here....and he is big. Wow.....he is really big."

Tell me something I didn't know. I have a giant inside of me. I think at this point, we are shooting for 39 wks.

Oh, and also, I gave her my birth plan, which she thought was lovely. I don't want anything outlandish or out of left field. It was just important to me that I put my goals and wishes down on a document just to kinda give me an idea of how things will go. She said it was very realisitic and pretty much on track with what they do anyway.

Would that have killed the other guy? Speaking of...I called to officially give him the boot and his front desk gal is super sweet. She said technically she was supposed to charge me for faxing records yesterday but she felt bad. I thought doctor to doctor, there wasn't supposed to be a charge, but whatever. Besides, she left out the sono reports(!!) and the labwork(!!).

So on my way home, since I'm on house arrest, I stopped at Babies R Us. Picked up my stroller, a few baskets (buy one get one half off!), changing table pad, couple other last minute things. Thank god for gift cards.

So all in all, a good day. But does anyone have any suggestions for bedrest? I have tons of electronic entertainment and enough movies to occupy my time for years to come, I just have a feeling this is going to get pretty old, pretty quick, Also, if anyone has a spare Dobby - the House Elf, please send him my way immediately! I know Pookie will step up, but us ladies know we like things a certain way and nobody can ever do anything that satisifes us 100%.

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