Friday, February 15, 2008

A Valentine for Pookie

I know it's a little late since it is technically after midnight, but my Pookie definitely deserves a Valentine of some sort. I was a total slacker and after having this cold all week and heading back to work I just didn't have the energy to head out and pick something up.

So here goes.....A Valentine for Pookie. Not some eloquent or sappy poem. Just a few warm fuzzies from me to you.

Things I love about you.....

That you sing me to sleep when I'm feeling restless,
That no matter how long your day has been, you willingly provide foot rubs upon request,
That you make cd's for me of songs you think I will like,
The way you dance around the kitchen while making dinner,
The way you kiss me goodnight,
The way you continually impress me with all the research you have done about the baby,
The way you talk about your Mom & Dad,
The way you loved Bonnie (had you failed that test, we would never have lasted),
How your smile makes me feel warm inside every time I see you,
The way your faith in us is unwaivering,
The way you love me.

There are a million more things that escape me right now, but I just wanted to make sure you knew how I felt. I am so excited to start our family together and look forward to many more years together. We are so lucky to have found each other. Happy Valentine's Day Pookie!


Cherie said...

what a beautiful picture. it must be one of your favs!

Jessica said...

Hey Pook!! I love you too man... I know I don't say it often enough, but... :)