Sunday, February 24, 2008

Goodie Box!!!

Check out the super cute goodies that showed up for our little one this weekend!! My pal Wendy back in Ohio (can you tell she's in Ohio????) sent a goodie box our way. Muchas Gracias Senorita Wendy!

Needless to say, come fall, our little one is going to be decked out in the finest Buckeye gear money can buy. And this is just a small sampling of what we have received. I think my fav's are the hats....I have several Buckeye hats myself. In addition to what you see here, we also have an actual jersey style onesie, a picture frame, a stuffed Brutus and so much more! I can't wait for college football season!

Thank god for the US Postal Service and UPS otherwise I would be out of my mind. Since I'm not "allowed" to feed my need for nesting, I have been doing a little shopping online. Not much, especially since I am out on disability and that is only a percentage of my salary, but I have picked up a few things. Most of the items have been purchased with leftover Target gift cards. For whatever reason, Target can't possibly have anything in stock all at once, even when I order 3 things, they have to ship them all separate. This makes Pookie super happy since he gets to break down all of these boxes and drag them out to the trash.

Speaking of Pookie....he is working that "HoneyDo" list like a rock star!!! My Vonage phone was hooked up today so I officially have real live 911 service. I have been in the bad habit of leaving my cell phone upstairs when I make my limited trips down to the kitchen for a snack and of course, you know that's when it rings. Not only did he hook up the phone (which is idiot proof does all the work for you), he went to Best Buy and picked up a new phone with FOUR handsets so I don't have to wander everywhere looking for a phone. He even picked up a tv today for the guest room so when Grandma and other family members come for a visit to help out with the baby, they will certainly be entertained. So....YAY POOKIE!!!! Thank's for all your hard work.

As far as baby goes....I have a sono scheduled tomorrow. Doc wants to check the baby's size. I'll keep ya posted. No major contractions or anything happening over here, just a few here and there.


Girl said...

Oh cool stuff! I am anxious to hear about baby!!

Kelli B said...

And you thought I spoiled the kid...looks like I have competition...guess Auntie Kelli needs to go shopping again :)

Nita said...

Oh Auntie Kelli, we loved all your gifts...besides, it isn't as if Wendy is about to travel to VA to see us anytime soon!