Tuesday, February 26, 2008

We're in a holding pattern over here...

I saw the new Doc for a checkup today and here's the deal.

My BP is still up. It is pretty decent when I am resting, like first thing in the morning and such. But it seems that every time I check it at home, it is shortly after a shower or making lunch or climbing the stairs so it is elevated. Doc has requested that I be better about checking my resting BP and asked that I come back on Friday to keep her posted.

She also did a fair bit of fetal monitoring today and all is well. It was kinda neat to sit there, just me, for about 10 minutes and listen to nothing but the baby's heartbeat....well, that and his hiccups. Apparently I had a contraction during the monitoring, but I didn't even know that is what it was. I just thought he was bouncing around in there.

The sonogram yesterday went perfectly fine. He is really low and apparently has a big head, as does his Momma so I can't say that I'm surprised. However, his weight is around 6 lbs 10 ounces so while he might be a little big, he isn't the giant we all thought he was. She also requested a full biophysical profile and things were perfectly normal.

So, all in all, just kinda sitting in a holding pattern. So come Friday, she will probably order the preeclampsia labs again since it will have been just over a week since the last set. She did say that if my BP is not in check by then, she will put me on meds. But at least this time, it's a little easier to swallow, knowing that she has done all of the screening before jumping to such an extreme. Oh yeah, no cervical dilation yet either. It would appear that the little bean seems to like it in there and he is staying put for the moment.

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