Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Baby Update

Just a quick baby update for everyone.....

And FYI - I know people love belly pics but I am still so horrified over the last one (what was I thinking) that I'm not brave enough to post another.

OK - so I had a sono today, for no apparent reason other than I wanted one. This is how it went down at my last OB appt.

Me: Hey doc, what are the chances of getting another sono?
Doc: Why?
Me: Uh, ya know....first time mom, a little anxious, I would just really like one.
Doc: That doesn't really count as medical necessity.
Me: Well, there is that awful abdominal pain I have been having from time to time.....
Doc: Yeah, but they always go away within a few seconds and that it normal at this stage.
Me: Well.......my insurance changed from United Healthcare to BlueCross/BlueShield....
Doc: Ok, sure, they haven't paid for one yet.

And off I went. I called the radiology place, scheduled my appointment, even confirmed with the insurance company that no precertification was required. A lovely gal named Kelly in the Middletown, NY call center assured me I should be ok. I am posting this in case I lose the note I wrote myself in the event there is a problem with the claim.

I showed up this morning and said sonogram commences. Faye was the tech's name, she was pleasant. Not quite the laugh riot we had last time , but since this wasn't a first, I was cool with just getting down to business.

So folks, it appears that I have a large baby. I am 30 weeks, 3 days. He is measuring at 32 weeks 1 day. This happened with the 19 week sono too, but as I am 100% certain of my LMP, Doc said he wasn't going to adjust the date and most likely I just have a big baby. I will discuss this with him at my ob appt on Friday again.

Also, he is breech right now. This totally explains the major abdominal pains I have been having. The first time they happened I was at the mall. It felt like something was pushing against my cervix from the inside and talk about knocking the wind out of me! I had to grab the rack next to me just to not crumple in a ball on the floor. Basically, he is dancing on my cervix. Have I mentioned his dad loves to dance?

Also, there is a slight concern about one of his kidneys. It appears that the urethra from the kidney to the bladder may have a kink which is causing urine to back up and dilate the kidney. The radiologist recommended another sono in 2 weeks. It is also very positive that this was not detected on the first sono as that would have been an indicator of more serious issues. According to the internet, (don't believe everything you read on the internet people!!!!) approximately 50% of these issues work themselves out by the next sono and these are more common in boys. I also checked the Kidney Foundation website and found this. I refuse to stress about this and the fact that it is something people are familiar with makes it easier to swallow. Once again, we don't know for certain if this is even the case, it is just what the Doc wanted to tell me as what the worst case scenario could possibly be.

On a positive note...I got another picture and he is so cute!! Sorry it isn't posted, I forgot to scan it. Anyway, I can see cheekbones and lips and a nose and even a little bit of peachfuzz hair - hehe.

Sooooooooo adorable! I can't wait for him to get here.


Girl said...

I had a similar and very alarming us with Doogal and it turned out fine. Boys like to have kidney issues we found out. Boys also like to scare their mothers. Little brats.

I'm gonna need a belly shot. I have to live through the web because no pregnant for me right now, lol.

Anonymous said...

I hope everything works out! I'm glad you got another peek-a-boo at the little one.