Friday, November 30, 2007


I have a slightly more than the normal level of discomfort when it comes to needles, any sort of needle whether it be for a shot, labwork, IV, they all suck in my book. I have accepted this is a way of life and routine labs are needed while pregnant. Aside from the fact that my fear is pretty much unwarranted and I haven't had any major discomfort, I just take things in stride. Heck, I even donate blood.

Keep in mind, I would prefer to refrain from discussions about the epidural needle that is looming in my future. I am very content to be in denial about the whole thing. Besides, it will be behind me and I won't see it so really, it's like it isn't even there. Don't bust my bubble ok?

I think this fear stems from childhood. I have never broken a bone or had any sort of surgery so the only memory I have of needles are from some spotty memories of vaccinations in my little kid tushy. I thought all needles, regardless of their purpose, felt like this. I loathe flu shots, don't even get me started on tetanus boosters and the needle to numb my foot once when I needed stitches...I almost kicked the doctor in the head. Basically, as far as I'm concerned, needles suck it big time. The person that comes up with an alternative way to get my blood will be my personal hero and a gazillionaire quicker than Bill Gates.

Today, I was off to see Doc and have some bloodwork done. My veins are pretty deep so normally he draws from my hand and really, I don't mind. Yes - my doctor draws my blood, he is great at it. He decided to go ahead and draw from my arm, no biggie since my veins are a little easier to find with all the extra bloodflow and stuff. He got it, first stick, no problem, didn't hurt, no bruise, things are fine.

But tell me.....why the heck is my arm so sore this evening? My bicep on my left arm feels like I spent about an hour at the gym.

So - am I like one in a million that prefers blood to be drawn from my bony hand than my fleshy arm? I think I am, but hey, at least it isn't my ankle. That sounds super sucky. Besides, I might kick him and then that would really suck for him.

BTW - yes I am aware that I used the word "suck" alot in this post, but when I think needles, I think suck.

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