Saturday, December 1, 2007

Big Easy, Here We Come!!!

Woohoo! The Ohio State Buckeyes will once again be competing in the college football BCS National Championship game in New Orleans in January 7, 2008.

Thanks to West Virginia losing to Pitt, we are on our way (no thanks to the officials in that game - how blind were they!!!) And now, here we sit, watching Oklahoma & Mizzou play and Oklahoma is up 35-17 with a little over 4 minutes left in the game. Who would have ever thought that BOTH the number 1 & 2 teams would lose this weekend, catapulting Ohio State back into the familiar Number One perch? I'm not sure who we will end up playing, looks like LSU right now, but we have to wait on the BCS Selection show tomorrow night to find out for sure.

Have I mentioned that my pookie is from about 45 minutes outside of New Orleans. We would have a free place to stay. Too bad a pair of tickets are running around $2000.

Ya know....I did have chinese for dinner tonight and my fortune said "Your luck is about to change".

FYI - Oklahoma just scored again.

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