Sunday, November 25, 2007

The pitter patter of little feet...

No, I'm not speaking of the sound of little youngsters feet around the house, but of the tippity tap of puppy nails on the hardwood floors. I was browsing my pc the other day, checking out some old pics while I was working on the vacation pics and ran across photos of Bonnie.

Ahhhh, Bonnie. Simply put, the best dog EVER that anyone could possibly have the privilege of sharing their life with. I miss Bonnie, miss her with all my heart. It has been over two years since we lost her, and I feel her absence every day.

I adopted Bonnie when she was around 6 or so from the Helen Woodward Animal Center while I lived in San Diego in 1997. I was fortunate enough to work at this special place dedicated to the care of animals and education of those around animals. She had been up for adoption for 6 months before I took her home. Before that, she had been rescued and someone was caring for her for around 6 months and before that, she had been abandoned with a litter of puppies. How can someone drop of a dog like that? I knew it was meant to be that she come home with me.

Bonnie loved and nurtured and instinctively knew when you needed her most. From the first day, she never damaged anything in the house, never stole food off the counter and never got into the trash. She was perfect, at least perfect for me. While on walks, when she saw a stranger she would stop in her tracks and size them up, she was my barometer. We were on the beach one day and someone had a tiny puppy with them that was whimpering and cold. Bonnie ran up to the puppy, gave him a snuggle and nuzzle to calm him down and warm him up. Basically, unless you were a cat, you were totally safe. This worked out well since I'm not really a cat person.

After a wonderful 7 years with Bonnie, I had to let her go. She was diagnosed with cancer in Spring of 2005 and we lost her a couple months later. It is still weird coming home and not being greeted at the door. She would get up in the night for water and I would hear her nails on the floor in the kitchen or hear her dogtags rattle when she would come up or down the stairs. I even miss her stretching out in the middle of our bed and forcing us to the edge with no covers on our butts. Even in our new home we moved to after we lost Bonnie, it still feels a little empty.

I have been toying with the idea of getting another dog but know that with the baby coming, this is quite an undertaking and am willing to wait. Also, how could I not compare every other dog to her? It was her life experiences before we met that made her part of who she was. She was such a huge part of my life for so long and helped me through some really rough times, so the least I could do is explain who she was and why I miss her so.

I know that she is in puppy heaven playing Mom to all the dogs that need her. We love and miss you very much.


Jessica said...

That was very sweet... I hope you come a good decision over this one! I can understand how much you must miss her though... It's hard.

Girl said...

Oh that was sweet, really sweet. I'd be so sad without my Charlie. Even if he is bad.

Megan said...

She is fantastic. You can just tell how amazing she is from her photo. I can't breath when I think about loosing one of my muts. I'm sure this beautiful girl is up in puppy heaven having a ball. Best of luck with all new additions to your family.