Sunday, October 14, 2007

Hang on Sloopy, Sloopy Hang on!

Did you know that Ohio State is about to be announced as the Number 1 college football team in the country!!!!!!

Have I ever told you how much I love that song?

We can thank our great season thus far (7-0 folks) as well as being most appreciative of every team that was ranked above us for losing. It all started with Michigan losing their first game to Appalachian State. Then last week, we were at #8 - until 4 of the top 7 teams lost (USC lost to Stanford?!?!?!) which put us at #3 going into this week.

But this week....both the #1 & #2 teams (LSU and Cal) had a bad day. Heck - LSU lost in triple overtime. I can only imagine how emotional that game was - remember National Championship against Miami in January 2003? We do still have to think about Penn St, Wisconsin and Michigan, but I am going to enjoy the #1 ride for as long as it lasts. I have my weekly rituals that I follow, as do all of you out there I'm sure, so just keep up the good work peeps!

While rankings haven't been published yet, we all know OSU is on their way to being #1!

Woohoo!!!! Go Bucks!

Oh - need some MP3 files chock full of Buckeye songs, check this out. Add it to the list of favs for that mid day pick me up!

Lastly - and sorry Jess - I gotta root for the Indians in the American League Championship Series. Normally, I could care less since I am not a huge baseball person, but being the Ohioan I am - gotta go for the hometown boys. I think I have Major League around here on DVD somewhere. Actually, I'm prettu sure I have 2 copies, so maybe I'll send one home for you to watch while you are sick.


Andi said...

Yay!!! Were #1!! Goo BUCKS!!

ANDI said...


Jessica said...

ugh...The Indians... UGH. At least they're not the Yankees.

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