Friday, October 19, 2007

26 days and counting....

Vacation has finally been scheduled! Yay for me, I mean us. Who knows when we will vaca again - so might as well get to it before the bambino arrives.
I am soooooooo excited about our vacation. I am so horribly indecisive that this is one of the hardest decisions for me to make. I did the same thing with the honeymoon a couple years ago. One day it was Jamaica, the next day Barbados, then it was all-inclusive then I wanted some local flavor which you don't get with the all inclusive as much. Then I would read a crappy hotel review. I am just fickle about this stuff. So - I made a decision, called the travel agent at FareDeal - her name is Heather and she even did our honeymoon as well - super nice gal! The website isn't all that and you do need to call, but the prices are very reasonable and the travel insurance is way less than through other websites. Anyway - we will be travelling to the lovely Coco Palm Resort in St. Lucia.

BTW - don't tell the boss, but I have totally already mentally checked out.

Only problem is - and I knew something was up when I scheduled it but couldn't quite remember....... I scheduled myself to be out of the country, the weekend of the Ohio State vs Michigan game! Oh the shame!!! How can I call myself a Buckeye? I will have to find a local bar owned by an American or figure out something. Of course, the DVR will be recording so I can have it when I get back.

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