Sunday, October 21, 2007

Freakin baby superstores!

Has anyone else felt overwhelmed by Babies R Us?

I started my registry a couple months ago and I think there are about 5 things on it. I had decided to create the registry in stages - gear, furniture, necessities, whatever else I need - I have a list.

Anyway, after the first trip to work on the car seat/stroller essentials, which I spent about an hour at the store playing with car seats and collapsing strollers and so on, I haven't been back since. This store just scares me.

I jump online and try to add things but still have that overwhelmed feeling. However, I have decided that today is the day. I WILL go to Babies R us, grab a scanner and have at it! At least on what doesn't have to be gender specific (we find out on Tuesday!!!) I may have an update later.....depends how things go.

Update: I did manage to get to Le Bebe Superstore to work on the registry. I took Pookie with me so he kept me focused. I ended up with 3 high chairs at one point and multiple bouncers, but was able to work out the kinks. Watch out Target, you're next!


Andi said...

Glad to see that you were able to get through it!!

Girl said...

That place scares me and I have three.