Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Ultrasound Pictures

Sorry for the delay in getting the sonogram pics posted - it has been a busy busy weekend, more on that later.

Here are a couple pics from our 19 wk ultrasound. I have finally gotten around to playing with Photoshop so I blurred a little here and added an arrow there. I have lots more PS (and not PlayStation) learning to do for sure, but this tiny taste definitely showed me how easy it is to use.

Anyway, the above pic is a side shot of the head and body. The second picture clearly indicates that we are expecting a little boy. For those of you who aren't familiar with ultrasound pictures (Beth....you know who you are), you are looking at him from underneath. Kinda like he is sitting down on the floor with his legs out in front of him. The long appendages are his legs with the blue arrow pointing out the "goods" so to speak. Some have said he appears to be "blessed" but that just means that dad is that much more proud.


Beth said...


I found him eventually!!!!

Andi said...

Awsome Pictures! Cant wait for him to get here!!

Vidness said...

Hehe Pops here. So you see where his knee is, and then where his 'ahem' is....that's my boy!!!

Charles said...

Looks like Vidness 2.0 is upgraded in more ways than one!