Sunday, September 2, 2007

Michigan Sucks!!!

Heck yeah they do!!!!! Nationally ranked Michigan Wolverines, AP #5, lost to UNRANKED Appalachain State on Saturday 34 - 32. And they didn't just lose, they lost at home, in the Big House. That place seats like 110k fans and they STILL lost. This is the first time since the NCAA split Division I into I-A & I-AA 29 years ago that a I-AA team beat an AP ranked team. Can you hear the laughter in my head??? I would swear you could since it is so loud.

Of course, the Buckeyes beat Youngstown. I am so happy that college football season is here. Now if only I could get the games here in Virginia.

Woohoo - I am still dancing and dancing and dancing.....

Another reason for my dancing. My living room plasma tv is mounted on the wall, looking super cool with all the cables nicely hidden. You know that Circuit City wants nearly $500 to do this?!?!?! Granted - it took the man a good part of the day (including breaks to play the PSP, go to Taco Bell, Sears Hardware & Lowe's). I think with breaks, it took about 6 hours. I just hid upstairs in the bedroom on my king sized Spring Air lilly pad and left him to it. Doesn't it look great? That is Duff on the tv. He is the guru of one of my fav Food Network shows - Ace of Cakes.


Anonymous said...

yes I can hear the laughter in your head!! Cause it is in mine too!!

Love ya!

Vidness said...

Hey! In my defense, that plasma is HEAVY! Breaks were necessary :)