Thursday, August 23, 2007 body is a changin'

So, this pregnant thing is definitely bringing along some changes. I keep wondering when I will get maternal all of the sudden but trust that it will come in time. We had been trying for about six months and actually, decided to put it on the back burner so I could join Jenny Craig. I will never be a tiny girl, but figured losing 30lbs or so would make pregnancy much easier. Alas - halfway there, things changed and here we are. Anyway, when does this maternal instinct kick in? Maybe it is slightly delayed because I used up so much of it on my nieces and nephews and my reserves have been depleted. Greedy little bloodsuckers! HAHA - no more getting spoiled by Auntie Nita, I will have my own little bug to dote on!

So -what's changing - the boobers, that's what! I have a pretty decent set that my Pookie is rather fond of. Now...well he isn't even allowed to look at them without me glaring back. There is a phantom ache at least 60% of the time. I have bought a couple pre-natal bras, but I don't think these flimsy little cotton things can handle my girls. My massage therapist asked if I could lay on my stomach and I said sure, tummy's fine - it's the boobs that are killin me! I was driving home about a month ago and I felt like somene was stabbing me.....of course, in the boob. Literally stabbing something sharp - Poke, Poke, Poke. I looked down and half expected to see my right breast cringing. Everything and everyone says this is normal, but is the aching more severe the bigger they are? If so - I'm in TROUBLE!

Also - what is the deal with the sudden breakouts?!?!?! I have to admit I have been blessed with pretty good skin. I have a very fair complexion, use lots of sunscreen and am committed to fairly consistent skin care regimen. All of this combined, things are pretty good. Every month when I wasn't on birth control, I would break out right around ovulation time. Only one or two - no biggie and gone in a couple of days. In the very beginning of my pregnancy I got maybe one or two. Well let me tell you, has that changed! This week alone I have 5 new ones! For the average person this probably isn't a big deal, but me - Miss Flawless Skin! Oh no - I can't have this. And also - I love to pop some zits. It's gross I know, but I can't help myself.

You all do it, you know you do, don't lie!

So, other than boobs and zits, not much else going on. A little "morning sickness" but I won't run my mouth about that since I have friends hugging the toilet 3 times a day like clockwork and I haven't had such a problem as of yet. Don't want to jinx it.

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More breast talk! :) Good stuff ;)