Wednesday, August 22, 2007


Wow - finally here! YAY! Welcome to my blog. I am Nita - soon to be first time mom (eeek) living outside of DC. My family is over 400 miles away, so my Pookie (yes I call him Pookie) and I are about to embark upon a pretty interesting journey. You would think by my 30's I would be ready for this, but maybe not so much. Surely there will be more to come on that later.

I asked my gal pal Jess, see her here - to help me set up a blog. She is a blog rockin momma. I figure with her busy life, if she can manage a get the picture.

Anyway - with the family so far away, still slightly new home, new kid on the way I have a few things to share. As a result, people keep asking how I'm doing and what's going on. As you can imagine, gets old telling the same story over and over thus - the blog.

What's up Nita? - see blog.
How ya doin Nita? - see blog.
How ya feelin Nita? - see blog.

So convenient!! I love to run my mouth, but even that gets old after a while. *Pause while those who know me best try to recover from the laughter.....*

Anyway - welcome, bienvenue, willkommen, benvenuto & enjoy.

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