Sunday, August 26, 2007

Mmmmmm, Smoothies!

Thank god for smoothies! If it weren't for Robek's, our local smoothie shop, I don't think I would eat anything in the afternoon.

As everyone knows and every pregnancy book tells you, the term "morning sickness" is loosely translated. From what I hear, most folks have a bit of this that lasts all day long. I have been pretty fortunate as I haven't had any of those extreme moments that required actual hurling. Also, it didn't even really kick in until nearly 10 weeks. However - this infinite nasty taste in my mouth combined with the low level nausea that is always threatening to send me running to my bathroom is definitely not fun. You know that nasty metal taste in your mouth you have all the time when you're sick - even 5 minutes after brushing? Needless to say, I am paranoid that I am running around work with dragon breath all day long. The last time I felt this nauseous was about 10 years ago on Christmas when I had the most evil flu ever....with cramps. My holiday dinner that year was 2 bites of mashes potatoes and some 7-Up and 4 Advil.

Anyway, my "morning" sickness seems to kick in late afternoon. This means that I haven't prepared a meal for my Pookie in a few weeks - I don't even want to walk in the kitchen to get some water. Enter the Robek's smoothie. My flavor of choice, Berry Brilliance with a whey protein boost. This thing is a life saver. You know how the nausea goes away when you eat. It isn't possible to eat all the time, but I sure can nurse a large smoothie for a little over an hour. Only problem - over time I am sure this might get a little pricey. The smoothie move combined with lots of gum chewing and hard candy sucking makes life tolerable for the moment. I know I have a blender around this house somewhere..... it just isn't the same. If I wanted to make my own latte at home, I would get a cappuccino machine, but I would rather pay a barista at Fourbucks to make it for me. Same principal applies.

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