Tuesday, August 28, 2007


So I arrive home from work last night starving. The smoothies are great, but they don't stay with you very long. I was feeling pretty good so I decided to be adventurous and try some chinese at PF Changs. Any other day of the week you couldn't keep me out of the place. Lately though....well you all understand why.So, we were there at like 5:45 on a Monday night and the place was still pretty empty. We sat, we ordered, we waited. We always get the same thing: Crab Wontons, Chang's Spicy Chicken (Pookie), Orange Peel Chicken (me) & veggie fried rice. YUM! I had them lighten up on the spicy for my meal and Pookie had them kick his up a notch. (Hehe - it came out glowing nuclear orange). Crab Wontons: good, Orange Peel Chicken: good, Fried Rice: Good. Oh sweet nectar of the chain restaurant gods, how I have missed you so....Come to me! I LOVE the Crab Wontons - they are like little crunchy handbags with ooey gooey goodness inside. O. M. G.

About 45 minutes later while trying to chillax, my reflux kicked in like the pits of the underworld were burning within. Of course I turn to my new best friend, Tums with Calcium. Thankfully one of the remaining OTC things I can take while pregnant. Yay Tums! Of course many things lately are causing heartburn so today I sent the Pookie out while he was at lunch to purchase multiple bottles to be kept in various locations - desk, bedside, living room, etc.

However on the up side.....this heartburn kicks in while I am laying down trying to nap. This means I need something new to nap on. Wouldn't we all agree that a nice poufy leather rocker/recliner be the perfect thing? I have been window shopping for one lately. After all, don't I need a nice soft chair in which to cuddle and snuggle and love on our little one?


And right now, the husband has been sent downstairs since he just reheated the chinese leftovers. Ugh.

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