Sunday, May 9, 2010

Is it Time for a Time Out?

Apparently so.  I tried them a while back and it didn't go so well.  Meaning that I had to hold him there and he screamed the entire time and went right back to what he was doing afterwards so it was pretty clear it wasn't "getting" it.  So I stopped. 

No, it has nothing to do with me being to lazy to sit there and hold his squirmy butt in place.  It also most definitely has NOTHING to do with the fact that once when I did one he screamed "I love you!!" and I was so shocked that I relinquished the death grip that was holding the squirmer in his spot and off he went.

Recent events have made it apparent that it was essential to bring them back again.  This kid of mine, he's a stubborn one.  And a strong one too!  Sometimes he just gets wrapped up in the fun of everything and listening to reason, well, we've all been there and we're adults.  At least he has an excuse, he's two.

This past week, I had made some chicken parm for dinner.  Since Ricky still refuses to eat pasta of any sort, he had something else and had already eaten.  I fully expected he would want some of the rolls we were having so I even made extra. 

This kid.  Oh. Em. Gee.  This little snot would not wait one little second.  I was in the living room starting to eat my dinner, in front of the tv like every American, when he insisted on climbing in my lap.  You know, the lap where I had my plate.  The plate with the hot food that is covered in pasta sauce.  You get where I'm going with this, right?  Yeah you do.

There it was, my chicken parm, in my lap.  I was pretty darn ticked off.  I immediately yelled and told Ricky to go sit down! 

And then, shockingly, he did.  He went right over to the bottom step of the stairs, the previously designated time out spot, and sat his tiny hiney right there.  He cried and fussed, he knew he had done something wrong.  But he didn't move.  He listened.  I cleaned up and the entire time, he sat right there. When his time was up, just a couple minutes,  I went to him, told him what he did wrong, gave him his hug and said I Love You.  Then we went to get him a bite of something he so desperately wanted but was too impatient to handle the wait.  Everyone was happy and life was good again.  That horrible time out was but a distant memory.


Little victory for Mom right there.  Mom - 1, Ricky - 7845.  I'll catch up.  I have his entire lifetime.

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