Saturday, April 10, 2010

Lost and Confused.

Some days I feel lost.  Lost in a fog.  Lost in my thoughts.  Some days I feel confused.  Confused about family, sometimes confused about work, sometimes even confused about where my life is going.  Not in any specific way, but recent events, they just make you think about a lot of things.

I haven't been blogging.  Not that I have been super consistent lately anyway, but I have just had so much going on that the thought of sitting down to document it, after what was already a long day, it just seemed too daunting and overwhelming. 

Overall, things here have been moving right along.  I check in with my Mom and my nephews regularly to see how things are going.  I consistently check their grades online and email with some close family friends that are helping out just to see what's going on.  Ricky is doing great in the two's class.  This week, Thursday morning, was the first day that I dropped him off that he didn't pitch a fit about going in to a different room. 

Speaking of Ricky, we are encountering some new and interesting medical issues.  Not that out of the ordinary, just some weird allergy type things.  I noticed he had been a bit stuffy at night and of course, runny nose, so I tried some of the Little Noses Decongestant drops.  After 2-3 doses, half of his body was covered in hives.  We gave him some Benadryl but didn't wake him overnight so by the time he was up the next day, he was covered head to toe.  The drops are the only new thing (no new foods, detergent, stuff like that) so that had to be the only thing causing it.  After a few days on Benadryl, all was well with the world again. Then I gave daycare some Avon sunscreen (same kind we used last year) and he appears to be getting little bumps all over where they apply it.  Not like red bumps, just bumps.  It's weird because he didn't have any problems with it last year so I don't know what's up.  BTW - I love this sunscreen, it goes on blue so you know where you're applying it and it is a bug repellent also which is why it was such the perfect product.  Needless to say, due to the reaction, I have picked up a couple other kinds to see if it clears up.  Or maybe it's just because it's old?  Does sunscreen expire?

Recently, we have been entertaining the idea of getting a family pet - because I don't have enough to do, right?   I would love a dog but don't feel that it's fair to split my attention between Ricky and a dog while I am working full time.  Also, I'm a "big dog" kind of person which doesn't go well with no yard and a townhome.  I know I wouldn't walk a dog as much as he would need it and that isn't fair - so we changed our thought to maybe a cat?  Well, again with the allergies.  We went to Pet Smart today to check out kitties and within about 2 minutes of being in the cattery, he started rubbing his eyes and getting red.  Yay.  And then I pulled out the Benadryl again.  Fortunately Ricky thinks medicine is like candy so he readily accepts anything in a dropper/spoon/dosing type apparatus.

Anyone have a recommendation for a pediatric allergist in the NoVa area?

As I said, life goes on.  I am busy.  Very busy.  And tired.  Very tired.  I think I am still pretty drained just from everything, but, I am taking it one day at a time and hopefully I am appreciating what life has to offer.  It's too precious to waste. 

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