Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Round Two is Coming

This is currently our life as we know it, snowed in with a toddler.  Feel free to laugh if you don't have a toddler but you've been there.  Feel free to offer condolences if you're home with a toddler right now.  If you don't have kids, I don't wanna hear it because you don't get it.  No really.  You don't. Ok, maybe if you're a nanny/daycare provider/au pair, you get it.  Everyone else - no way. 


Beth said...

you have got to be kidding me... how incredibly adorable!!!

and YOU KNOW i can relate... all too well!

the video really is priceless! =)

Andi said...

I Loved the Video!!!!! Thank u for putting a smile on my face today.. I sooo needed that!! Love all of u!

Heather said...


Lovin the dance moves!

Cherie said...

that was awesome. loved it! i can see he takes after his daddy when it comes to wicked cool dance moves!