Monday, November 23, 2009

We're on the Cutting Edge Over Here.

For all the complaining I have done about my FIOS, they sure do have the technology thing down. 

It took me like two weeks to get my online access finally unlocked so I logged in and paid my bill online today.  I guess they finally wanted my money.

When I was logged in, I remembered something about remote DVR access so I checked it out.  Dude, it was so easy!  I can program my DVR via the online site.  I can also program my DVR from my phone.  You heard me right - from my phone people!  Fortunately I have a compatible Blackberry Storm.  The app was pretty easy to install and is even easier to use.  Woot!  Finally - something has went RIGHT!

I better stop now before I jinx the whole thing.  

All I have to say is suh-weet!

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