Monday, March 2, 2009

Ricky's First Snow.

It snowed in Northern Virginia last night. Like a lot of snow, at least for folks around here. I don't mind driving in the snow. Heck, I learned to drive in January. In a Chevette. I can hang with the snow. Other folks around here, snow driving is not their strong suit. Also, we have this big hill that comes up to our court and the plow/salt truck didn't get it taken care of until around 1pm. This meant that Rick and I both "worked from home" today. It's nice to have that option if you really need it.

So we hung out and had breakfast. Ricky took a nap, did some work, did some dishes, fed the kid, dressed the kid in 3 layers, then ventured out in to the snow.

Ricky was slightly interested. He dug walking in it, but wasn't sure what else to do. I picked up some snow and showed it to him, tried to get him to eat some, but he could care less. Kind of gave me that look like "Um...ok?" Then he thought it was kinda neat, then he plopped down, then the wind kicked up and he was very UN-OK with it. So we came back inside. And played with Daddy. Daddy is always up for some fun. He likes to chase Ricky, Ricky likes to run. It's a win-win.

Oh yeah - you can't possibly enjoy this without pictures, right? There are more on Facebook. Check it em out.

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Beth said...

Wow... he is REALLY adorable!!! We also live in Northern VA... Adam's not that big of a fan of the snow, either. Personally, I LOVE snow days!!! :O)