Sunday, March 8, 2009

Help Me Mama!

We have this bin sitting on the corner of the playroom. It is at the end of the TV stand and serving as a buffer so Ricky can't get to the power cord in the wall for the super cheap overhead Ikea lamps. Until recently this canvas bin was flipped upside down. That was until last weekend when I caught Ricky sitting on top of the bin. Yeah, had to put an end to that. Conveniently Ricky has received a couple sets of blocks for his birthday so the bin is the perfect place for them. Until he is reaching in and this happens.

He has been all sorts of cuteness lately. He loves to run up to us and give us hugs for no reason. I think he is on the verge of actually saying Mama and knowing that I am Mama. He is clicking his teeth too, which is the most annoying sound ever. Or that is what I tell myself until he starts his high pitched squeal. Regardless, we want to catch all of this cuteness. I can only take pics that are so good, so I had Andrea come over today. She did our pics last fall and she came to the house today for another session. I can't wait for the proofs to be available for viewing. She brought her white backdrop and I went ahead and grabbed my camera to capture a few of the smashcake pics. I think Ricky enjoyed it. This was the only time he sat remotely still during the entire shoot.

And yes, he does have the most chubbalicious legs ever. I squish on them every day. Don't you wish you could too?


girl said...

He's adorable! Can't wait to see the pics! Happy birthday again buddy!

KM said...

He is too unbelievably cute! Glad you all had such an enjoyable weekend for his first birthday.