Sunday, February 15, 2009

My Little Giant.

I think I have the most giant kid ever. Seriously. His gut - huge. His feet - huge. His mouth - HUGE.

Gut - I am bumping him up to 24 mos shirts. He has a couple 18 mos shirts and his "beer gut" hangs out of the bottom. We are so white trash, right?

His feet - size 5W but technically a little wide than wide, so his shoes are 5.5 XW, so there's some room to grow. I didn't really think this was big until I was at a gathering with some Mommys and a bunch of kids yesterday and had a chance to see feet of other kids his age. Ricky's feet were HUGE in comparison.

His mouth - HUGE! He is a big eater and opens his mouth nice and wide. I never realized how big his mouth was until I tried to feed a friend's little boy. Her boy, his mouth is petite and dainty and absolutely adorable (except when he's pitching a fit I'm sure, but I never saw such behavior so I think he is an angel!) Anyway, I could barely get the fork in his cute, widdle, smoochable mouth to give him some red velvet cake. In the meantime, the fork could easily get lost in Ricky's mouth. Who am I kidding, Ricky would eat the fork if I let him.

And his head, we have discussed how giant his head is before. Big head, big feet....I think I am going to paint his nose red and get him a clown hat. At least for some photo ops. Smiley

Maybe I should have a circus theme for his birthday party and dress him as a little clown. That would be a little cruel though, right? To use him for such entertainment? Ah well, maybe some other time.

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wildwesthome said...

It is never cruel to use your child as entertainment. As a parent, that's pretty much all the entertainment you'll get for many years. And then that leads naturally into the blackmail photos...(hee-hee)