Thursday, February 26, 2009

The Chase Is On!

Ricky's favorite past time lately is being chased by Daddy. He runs (ok, kinda runs) across the room and Rick chases him. Back and forth and back and forth. It's pretty stinkin' cute to watch his waddle.

The chase would go more smoothly if there wasn't so much crap in the playroom. Toys in there that don't get played with. A swing that hasn't been used in 2-3 months, but it keeps him from pulling his coat down off the hooks. A changing table that is NOT anchored to the wall, but holds diapers and other kiddie essentials I don't want to run upstairs to get. You get the picture. Maybe we will actually get that stuff out of there sometime in the next two weeks. We have to, in order to prepare for Ricky's birthday party.

Speaking of birthday party, it isn't going to be anything big. For a while, I was even thinking of not having one. Just the three of us with some cake. I was getting a little bummed that we don't have family in the area. I had mentioned to my Mom a while back about her coming out for a visit and I would love to have her. Thing is, my Grandmother, she needs her more. She has cancer, untreatable cancer. She is scared and lonely and really needs my Mom. Whatever Grandma wants, Grandma is going to get.

So we are doing a party, no particular theme. Speaking of theme, what is with the pressure to have some kick ass birthday party for the kids first? I decided to just go with some bright, primary colors. I mean, he's 1 folks. It isn't like he is going to sit still for some elaborate show or something. I am glad we are going to have a party. It might not be family, but some of the friends we have, well they are just as good. I honestly can't wait.

That just reminds me that I have no parking and might have to bribe a couple of my neighbors to use their spots. And yeah, the playroom needs to be cleaned out a bit. Kidproofed a little bit more. Gah - so many things to do.

On that note - bye!


Heather said...

I'm with you on the birthday thing. I'm not sure why people feel compelled to go hog wild on the first birthday - one the child won't even remember. I think you should do something to commemorate the day, don't get me wrong. I just think it should cost less than a car.

And CONGRATS on the 19 pounds down - just saw your ticker!!

Jessica said...

When are we going to work on that kidproofing thing?

Beautifully Unique said...

As long as I get to see pics of that sweet boy digging into some birthday cake I don't care what the theme of the party is, lol. You're right, sometimes people go way overboard with 1st birthdays.