Friday, October 10, 2008

Off The Wagon

I fell off the Jenny Craig wagon tonight. I went out to dinner. To Outback Steakhouse to be more precise.

I will admit, I am sick of food from a box. So sick of it. I miss cooking and eating out. I definitely don't miss doing dishes.

So, Dad, Piglet and I rolled on down to the Outback. I had filet but instead of a baked potato, I had broccoli! Woohoo go broccoli! It goes down even better with a ton of cheese. Ok, not a ton but there was some sprinkled on. My salad did have vinegar & oil, not a ton of ranch or bleu cheese stuff. Ick - I don't like ranch or bleu cheese.

Did I mention today was the monthly birthday celebration at work? Yep, I had a small piece of cake.

Nothing more tonight except celery and carrots!


Girl said...

I'd go off the wagon for a steak too.

Jessica said...

Omg, we totally had Outback tonight too!! What are the chances... I also had the filet, and it was deeeelicious.
:) I'm glad you enjoyed yourself!!

Michelle said...

You're all good. Every good diet has a little wiggle room built in for some Outback and once a month birthday cake.

Harmony said...

We usually go to Outback for Sweetest Day, but I was away with my mom this year..I think I need a bloomin onion.