Monday, August 11, 2008

She's Crafty

Well not really, but sometimes I think I might be capable of moments of craftiness.

I have tried a few crafty things. Each one was rather short lived. I dunno, maybe I have a short attention span. I like to think that I can commit to something. I play a musical instrument for 8 years - that took commitment. I think I just lack creativity. I am creative about some things, like smart a$$ remarks. I'm really creative about those. Maybe that's why I liked music. The creative part was already done for me. I just had to count and read and play. I was good at it too.

About 10 years ago I tried Scrapbooking. I am way too anal and when things weren't totally exactly perfect, I just got aggravated. Then I thought maybe photography. I only have a point & shoot camera but I kept hoping that some amazing photo would come through. Lets just say I'm lucky that things come out in focus. I don't "see the world through a lens". Every time I take a picture of Ricky I thank God for Picasa. Everything I do would be crap without Picasa. Don't even get me started on my ineptness with Photoshop.

So the other day I was looking at Ricky's knotted fleece blanket. It was a shower gift and I love it. It is the perfect blankie to put on the floor to play on, take outside, travel with. I think it has a special place in my heart because when Ricky was a week old and admitted to the hospital with a very low temp, we snuggled up skin to skin, under that blankie. Anyway...I was looking at it thinking it can't be that hard to do. It totally isn't. Buy some fleece, cut some fleece, tie some fleece.

So, I did. I will admit that cutting the fleece was a pain. I bought a great pair of scissors but getting it straight was pretty much impossible, at least with the limited tools I have. Overall I think it turned out ok. The best part - it's in Ohio State colors. I had to have a blankie in Buckeye colors for the start of College Football season in a couple of weeks.

No matter how easy it was, I made something that every time I look at it I will think "I did that". Yay me. I think I might try crochet. Watch out folks, you might be getting a scarf come Christmas.

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Girl said...

Fleece? Painful. You? Awesome.