Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Five Months and Going Strong *Update*

Ricky is FIVE months old today.

I would have a picture but what happened was....Ricky was really digging one of Daddy's joysticks, like the one seen here. I guess he was actually grabbing the controller and moving the character around on the Soul Caliber IV game and Rick was so amazed he just HAD to get a picture. He tried to get a pic and the camera slipped and now the kid has a bump on his nugget. Who would have thought that Mom or Dad would be the ones to give him his first real bump? Of course this didn't go over well and screaming & crying soon followed. So now....he has a bump on his head. Yay. Wonder what it will look like tomorrow....

On the up side of things, Ricky is doing great. Better than great - amazing! We went to the pediatrician yesterday for a shot visit. There was a little whimper but otherwise uneventful. His weight - OMG his weight. He weighs 18 lbs 11 oz! Piggy McPiggy for sure. He continues to do great with solid foods and the tongue thrusting is gone. He is holding his bottle with a little more control each day. I gave him one to play with in his high chair last night and he totally dug it. Oh wait....there's more. He rolled over today - from his back to his tummy. Like 7 times. I don't know if this has happened at daycare but I could tell it was coming pretty soon based on recent behavior.

He still spits up but since he is gaining weight so well the Doctor isn't at all concerned. He feels that once we have more solids in his diet this issue will remedy itself. So until this changes, you
will continue to see me in clothes covered in spit up. I have at least 10 shirts that are ruined.

Ah - small price to pay for my bundle of goofy smiles and giggles. Speaking of giggles, I have a great video to post, if only I could find the memory card it is on.

Happy 5 months kiddo! It gets better every day.

**Update: There is no bump on Ricky's head. His head is perfectly fine. There was a little red spot last night that I thought would end up being a bump (crazy new mom overreacting of course), but nope. Perfectly smooth and tan with no signs of any contusions whatsoever.

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Vidness said...

Oh come on, there's no sign of any head trauma whatsoever... :)