Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Birthdays and Dedications

Yay! We are finally home from Ohio. We all just returned last night and whew....what a trip!

It was so great to see my family. To see my mom, grandmother, sisters, nieces & nephews....it was just great. Of course as you can imagine, we are exhausted.

We arrived last Wednesday after the drive from hell! OMG! It is normally a 6 1/2 hour drive. I figured about 8-9 with some extra stopping time for Ricky. It ended up being nearly 11 thanks to a few accidents causing traffic tie ups. Ricky much prefers when the car is moving instead of stopped so we took a nice detour around the West Virginia countryside, about 30 miles out of the way, just to keep some motion going.

Thursday we visited the office Rick and I used to work at in Columbus and lots of old friends were able to see the baby. Friday was filled with a couple errands and just spending time with Grandma and decorating for her party scheduled for Saturday.

Ya see....my Grandma just turned 90. We threw her a big ol' party at the church fellowship hall. It was huge. Like 75-100 people showed up. Thankfully it was a potluck sort of thing otherwise we could never have afforded to have such an event. The family purchased some entree items and the decorations, everything else was potluck. Of course by the age of 90 my grandmother knows everyone. And I mean everyone. Thank goodness folks were rotating in and out and walking around because there were definitely not enough chairs. At first she didn't want the party. She is one of those that doesn't want anyone to inconvenience themselves for her benefit. As you can tell by the pictures though, she thoroughly enjoyed herself.

Sunday we all went to church and Rick and I dedicated Ricky. I got a little weepy (as I always do - they are tears of happiness people!) but things went really well. Ricky's schedule was a little off so he was demanding a bottle during part of the ceremony. It was such a special day and it meant so much to me that I was able to go back to my childhood church and do this. Both of my sisters, my best friends, my mom, my nieces & nephews....everyone came. I am so happy that everyone was able to come together for this occasion.

We came home yesterday and Ricky was an angel in the car. The trip ended up being a little under 8 hours this time, and this was with stopping at Books-A-Million and walking around for a little bit to stretch our legs.

Lessons learned are:
  • I packed way too much for Ricky. I had a washer/dryer available, no need to pack so much Mom.
  • I have to get stronger for Ricky. At the party, people wanted to pass him around like a party favor - this was NOT cool. He got fussy and screamy and antsy and hot. LOTS of new people and very noisy. I finally strapped him in the stroller and had to tell people no. They were irked but got over it.
  • Not to get snarky over every little piece of parental advice people feel the need they MUST say. Just smile, say thank you and move on. Things are over much quicker that way.
  • My husband rocks. I knew this already but since my family was so demanding of my time, he was on babysitting duty quite a bit. He was amazing and I am so thankful.
  • My son rocks. He slept for about 6 hours in the car yesterday, woke up around 5pm when we got home and was totally ready for bed by 8pm as usual. Yeah....he's a good kid
  • You can never have too many pictures! Enjoy the slideshow.

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Andi said...

It was great to see all of you. I wanted to tell you that my favorite picture in your slide show is Me and Ricky..LOl No really my fav is the black and white one with Great Grandma Rosie!!