Saturday, August 23, 2008

It's My Blogaversary!

Technically yesterday was but my neck & back were too jacked up to spend too much time on the laptop. Things are much better today.

How did I celebrate you ask?

On the actual day I called off work and Rick took the baby to daycare. I enjoyed the silence in my home and laid on an ice pack for most of the day. When the stiffness and shooting pain got to a manageable level, I did some laundry and cooked some dinner. Exciting stuff - I know.

Today we hit Gymboree. Ricky proceeded to spit up almost every bit of sweet potatoes he had for lunch. I'm sure all the Gymboree moms thought I was the worst mom ever for having a child covered in spitup. The place was a madhouse thanks to the 30% off coupon and I was browsing the boys section which is where they also have the tv so a gaggle of kids were crowded around making it extremely hard to navigate. Which reminds me, I so need a smaller stroller. I think I'll pick up an umbrella cheapo one. We also hit Children's Place (more coupons) and listened to The Cure. Yes, "It's Friday I'm in Love" was playing at our local Children's Place.

Then...well then I strolled on down to Sears. Went to give Ricky a bottle and realized I left the premeasured formula at home. Fortunately he went to sleep so this gave me time to drool over the front loading washers.

Sears was having a sale - extra 15% off all appliances. Mail in rebate on the delivery fee. You know where I'm going with this right?

Yeah - I bought me a washer/dryer and even a small freezer. I can shop at Costco and actually have a place to put the stuff!

Isn't this washer sexy? It has a sanitary cycle to kill all the cooties (ick - baby poo!) and even has a special baby clothes cycle. Not sure what I would use that for since I wash Ricky's clothes with ours but I guess it's more gentle or something.

Happy Blogaversary to me!

I even picked up some gelato from Piccomolo. Yummmmmm!

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Andi said...

Happy Blogaversary to you!!