Sunday, August 31, 2008

Attention All Dog Owners

FourPaws is offering replacements a very popular toy from their product line called the Pimple Ball with bell. Notice I didn't say recall as FourPaws was very careful to avoid the use of this word in their press release. In addition to disposing of the toy, I encourage everyone to boycott this company. This toy has caused harm, sometimes fatal, to several dogs for the past several years. Each time a new victim contacts the company, they are referred to FourPaws insurance provider who advises the consumers that problems of this sort have not been reported before. A quick google search will tell you that this has occurred on several occasions. These victims, as trusting consumers, have never made a big deal about it, until now. Chai's dad has had enough. (Not a light read for you squeamish folks)

Due to a design flaw with the ball, while playing with the ball it is possible for a vacuum to occur and your dog's tongue can get stuck. More information about the potential dangers of this toy can be found at

While I currently don't own a dog, I have owned several in the past. Knowing that this can happen scares the bejeezus out of me. My pets have always been my children and part of my family, deserving of only the best. Often times I have inconvenienced myself to make their lives more comfortable (like being shoved out of my bed by my 60 lb pit bull that felt necessary to sleep perpendicular me and my honey instead of curled up in a nice ball at the foot of the bed.)

Anyway....don't let your pooch play with the ball. Pass the word along will ya?

Chai thanks you.

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