Sunday, July 6, 2008

Ricky & the Chipmunks

Whenever Ricky is screaming his head off (which is occurring more lately due to a bit of teething), pretty much nothing quiets him down. Well nothing other than a bottle and he is already darn near 16 lbs! There is no amount of rocking, singing, soothing, sh-sh-sh-ing, swaying - nada. Ok, on a rare occasion a quick trip outside to check out the trees will do it, but once we are back inside the crying starts back up again. I feel so bad for the poor little guy. The crying leads to him getting all hot and clammy and you know he is swallowing air so he is gonna be all gassy pretty soon.

Ok...I lied. This normally calms him down.

I am a bad, bad Mommy. I don't know what is is about these furry, singing rats, but in a hot second he is intrigued. I have learned that WitchDoctor kicks off about 49 minutes into the movie.

By the way....while surfin' YouTube for the video, I found that there are a TON of Alvin & the Chipmunk songs. We have a road trip back to Ohio later this month. I wonder if they would make for ok road trip kiddo music. Or would I want to kill myself before I made it to Maryland? Pookie has always been in charge of roadtrip music, I'll let him decide.

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Jessica said...

So I had to go find the video b/c it wasn't pulling up for me here...and let me just tell you... After traveling my fair share with kids, I just KNOW I'd rather hear a baby cry than listen to that for more than 5 minutes. I think one of my ears is now bleeding!! :)
And this is coming from the girl who had to listen to the Wiggles album ALL THE WAY back from FLORIDA... ON REPEAT.
I now DESPISE the Wiggles.