Saturday, June 28, 2008

My Beautiful Babbling Boy

I had some one on one time with the kiddo this morning while everyone was sleeping. He loves loves LOVES the Baby's First Moves Baby Einstein DVD. Everytime it is on, he talks to the tv. Turns out he is quite the babbler. In addition to talking to the Baby Einstein videos, his other favorite time to talk is during diaper changes. I think he is saying something like "Yeah....smell my poo!!!!"

So here is my babbling boy. He must get his gift of gab from me (or perhaps his Auntie Andi) because his Dad is definitely a man of few words.

Any ideas what he is saying?

And yes folks, I am well aware that I am not cinematographer.

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Andi said...

I understood everything he said. Tell him that I can't wait to see him so I can give him lots of Hugs and Kisses.. And really I don't know what you mean really I don't think that I talk all that much! Well okay maybe a little bit, but really not that much! Okay I guess I am just rambling now.. Love ya!