Monday, June 9, 2008

Help me.....I'm melting!

Hot. So hot. So sick of the freaking hot!

What is one supposed to do with a baby in such heat? I'm really totally over the hot summer thing already. The past couple days the temps have been in the high 90's and the heat index.....well, that has been upwards of 110. Saturday I hibernated inside all day long with the exception of a few yard sales that I went to Saturday morning. It must have been 90 by 9am when I left the house.

Sunday, the girls and I headed off to the mall with Ricky. Dad has been wanting to get his "game on" (video games that is) with some friends so we left the house for a few hours so the boys play and talk trash to one another and in some peace and quiet.

The crappy part that I haven't told you yet is that the power went out on Sunday morning around 4am. The silence in the house was deafening. It was only out for around an hour so not the end of the world, except that when the power came back on, the AC kicked back on and I didn't check the thermostat. UGH - it defaulted to like 85 degrees and I didn't catch that until 10am or so, by this time the temp in the house had climbed to around 80. I set it back at 74 - which has been a pretty comfy overall daytime/nighttime temp. For some reason, the house isn't cooling back to 74. I just went down and reset the circuit breaker just to feel like I was doing something, although it didn't do anything. If that $240 flux capacitor thingy is broke, I am gonna kill that little HVAC guy.

So here I sit at 3am, wondering if it will ever start working right and wondering what do I do with Ricky & the girls in the morning in the event it doesn't start working right? This might make the perfect excuse to drive to Winchester and hang out with Jess.

I'm so ticked off right now and I have a wide awake baby on my hands that totally refuses to go back to sleep.


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Jessica said...

hey man...You know that your family is our family. Whether it's a broke A/C or if it's just a bad afternoon, you're always welcome here. :)
hope things get fixed soon!!