Monday, June 16, 2008

Happy First Father's Day!!!

Today was our first Father's Day and I have to say, I think things went pretty well.

Got up with the kiddo as usual and let Dad sleep in. I had planned on just making a nice breakfast and then a little gift/card action. I even baked some brownies first thing in the morning as a nice treat for after dinner.

Daddy got up and hung out with Ricky for a bit, had a nice big breakfast and then FDH kicked in. FDH = Fat, Dumb & Happy, you know that feeling you get after you eat and all you want to do is nap. Ricky was all for this so I got my day going and ran a couple errands and the two of them....well they napped.

Then I took the girls and Ricky to the mall to give Dad some time to either blow up an Xbox or whatever it is he does in his home office downstairs. We strolled around and wore ourselves out. Who knew that refraining from spending money was so exhausting? FYI - if you're ever at Dulles Town Center, Nordstrom definitely has the cleanest bathroom with a nice big lounge for nursing and a luxuriously large changing area.

Since I go to bed early and Dad takes the early shift with the baby, we don't often get to spend any alone time together. We have sacrificed that for precious uninterrupted sleep (in shifts) until kiddo is sleeping through the night. Well, after we got home, Brittany (one of the nieces) watched Ricky while Dad and I just hung out to watch a movie. We got to snuggle up on our giant bed and just chill together. Oh, and eat brownies. We were brushing brownie crumbs out of the bed at 9pm last night.

All in all, I would say it was a pretty good day. Check out my boys. Aren't they adorable?

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