Friday, April 11, 2008

No time to blog!

It isn't that I haven't had anything to post about on my blog, it's just finding time to do it. I think every mom can agree that no matter what it is you have to do - make phone calls, pay bills, laundry, the list goes on - your child instantly knows and starts crying. Certainly no different over here. Like now....he was asleep. I put him down to nap and of course, the clickety click of the keyboard and he starts stirring.

Please stay asleep. Ok, I think I am safe, but I may have just jinxed myself.

Life with the baby is certainly taking some getting used to. There has just been so much going on lately. Where to start....childcare. I had one of my nieces lined up to come for the summer, but she isn't available until a little later in the summer. Pookie has a niece who is available, we just need to talk to her and her mom tomorrow to discuss the details. She just finished her first year of college. Get this, of all things, she wants to be a pediatric nurse - yay!!! She lives in Chicago and we will just fly her here to live for a while. I figure if we can have her for half of the summer, then my niece for the second half of the summer, that would be perfect. The goal is to get the baby to about 5-6 months old before we need full time daycare.

In addition to working on the details of the nieces and such, I have been interviewing daycare providers. Ideally I would prefer someone to come to the house, that makes it so easy on us and alot of folks of this nature also do little domestic chores around the house. Wouldn't this be awesome??? Sure it would, but alas, it is a little too pricey for us. I found a lady I really like. Her references check out and her home is lovely - very spacious and immaculately kept. The 3 kids she has currently have all been with her since they were infants. Also, her mom lives with her so it's kinda like having a built in Grandma for the baby. Isn't that sweet? Her children are grown so there is no concern that some 8 yr old will be getting all germy and bringing that home from school. Pookie was dead tired so he hasn't met her, but I'm sure he will love her. She is also willing to hold the spot for me, regardless of the date that we start, whether it is sooner or later - refer back to the niece discussion above.

I am also trying to get Ricky used to his room. I have a little more decorating to do, stuff for the walls and such, but all the essentials are there. I don't think he minds the room so much, but the big bed, he doesn't really care for. Unfortunately we aren't always consistent with putting him in there to sleep. Dad has been on call for work and when I am sleeping, Dad keeps him downstairs with him. It's just easier than running up 2 flights of stairs when he hears him on the monitor (every 2 minutes). This makes things pretty challenging for me for when I go to put him down. I think we might back up a couple steps and move his bassinet into his room. Let him get used to the room, then get used to the bed.

Then there's the binky. Ricky LOVES his binky. This is good and bad. Good cause it soothes him which helps Mom & Dad's sanity. He got hooked when he was in the hospital at a week old with that whole dehydration thing. What with all the poking and beeping, anything that comforted him, I was in total support of. Bad because he goes to sleep with it. If it falls out, well then someone has to go put it back in. So, would I rather he suck his thumb (which he sometimes finds on his own - yay) and pay for orthodontia in the future or deal with the binky obsession? I figure I will work on getting him into his room before we work on the binky thing. One thing at a time.

Lastly - Doctor's appointments. For me and the baby. I met my new primary, Dr Milani, yesterday. He was named a Top Doc by Washingtonian Magazine this year. Glad I got in when I did, chances are in a couple weeks you will have to wait 6 months to see this guy. What I really love is that he is open to working with complimentary therapies such as chiropractic, acupuncture, etc. We discussed my BP, which appears to be back to normal. What we did discover is that this wrist thing, totally NOT carpal tunnel, it is de Quervain syndrome. It has become quite bothersome and makes holding the baby pretty challenging at times. At least treatment is perfectly manageable. Next week I also have a follow up with a pediatric urologist to discuss Ricky's kidney. Basically, his right kidney is a teeny tiny bit larger than his left which might be due to a ureter being kinked and urine backing up into his kidney. However, based on the amount of wet diapers I get each day, his kidneys appear to be working just fine. I'm sure it's just a precautionary thing and we will probably repeat the sono at about 6 months and all will be peachy.

Ok....nap time folks. Sweet Dreams!


ericalstewart said...

I'm glad things are working out well. The binky thing might just run it course. Irelynn was addicted for a few month then one day she spit it out and didn't want anything to do with it. I just started back to work last week and found a temp. sitter until she is 18month. most the daycares around us start at that age. we only have to wait a month, irelynn is 17months on thursday.check out the new pictures of the girl they where in a fashion show. they are on my blog page.

Hilary said...

Thanks for checking out my blog! Your friend Jess actually e-mailed me awhile ago to see if I could help her with a new layout, but unfortunately I'm not familiar with Typepad's format. Congrats on your new son...he's a cutie!