Sunday, March 23, 2008

Our Little One is Snug as a Bug

Well, you know how the saying goes....

Here is where our little munchkin is spending most of his napping time these days. Peek A Boo, I see you.....well, kinda sorta.

It appears that our guy gets a little aggravated lying flat on his back, so while napping, he resides in his bouncy seat, at least when we are in the living room. I have a bassinet, 2 Pack N Plays, a swing, a Moby Wrap I don't quite have the hang of and this is where he chills. Said bouncer seat is also sitting in my chair, with the back cushion removed (so I can push is back as far as possible so it isn't hanging off of the chair). Rest assured, he is only in this while I am in the immediate vicinity and he is indeed strapped in under that big fluffy blankie so he isn't going to slide down and off the edge of the chair.

We have asked Doc about reflux, but it doesn't appear this is the case, at least as of yet. Just that nasty ol' gas....and in case you folks out there don't know already, poopin' and tootin' is darn hard work! He does spit up a bit, sometimes more than others, but no real instances of anything projectile or more curdled like vomit would be. This is music to my ears. Our 2 week checkup was last week and he is doing well. His weight gain is still playing catch up - he was up while in the hospital, but he had been pumped full of fluids to hydrate him so that was bogus. They said considering everything he has been through, the fact that his weight is about 3 ounces below his birth weight is perfectly fine. He is eating nearly a little over 2 ounces per feeding, so it is just a matter of time before this kid starts packing it on! We have a follow up to check that weight again tomorrow, we're keeping our fingers crossed.

The only problem now, since he is drinking so much and sleeping so well, we haven't been as good about changing him as frequently as we should which has led to some diaper rash. I did a good session earlier to air him out and we are being super gentle on his little bum, I have bumped up the size of his diapers to he has a little more "room to breathe", kinda like wearing boxers I would think - hehe - as well as some good ol' A & D ointment. Hopefully all of these things combined will take care of this within a couple days. While he was airing out earlier, of course there was some spontaneous urinating. I have been so worried about him hitting me, I didn't even think about him hitting himself. He missed his mouth by about half an inch.

We have a super cute Easter outfit with a little bunny hat that a friend got for us and I will totally take some pics, but I have had him in and out of clothes all day and thanks to the water fountain that he is, we have already went through 4 outfits. Just means we will have to get those pictures later.

Happy Easter everyone!!! Hope you got oodles of goodies in your Easter basket.


Jessica said...

oh my god...Could he GET any cuter?? I have got to see him soon. Like tonight possibly. I'm on my way over!! :)

Andi said...

I am happy to see that you all are doing good! Ricky is beautiful! I can't wait to see him and give him lots of hugs and kisses!!

Christine said...

In typical man fashion, Charles did NOT tell me that the little one had arrived. I asked him last night and he said "Yeah, I thought you knew!" I guess I've been a little pre-occupied in my own world. So, congratulations (belated) and I hope one of these days we get to meet him!