Thursday, March 20, 2008

Hooligans I tell ya!

Around 3:30am last night, we awoke to someone banging on a door. Surely not our door, perhaps it was the neighbors. They rent and are college students (ick) and we just figured someone got locked out after coming back from the bars in the middle of the night. We even found it pretty comical.

Then Pookie got up and looked out the blinds and was hit by a bright light. We also heard a helicopter flying overhead. Living near a hospital, this isn't an entirely unusual sound, but this was circling. It was a police helicopter. And the door banging, it was OUR door and there some total stranger with some freaking light screaming for Rick to come outside, to see this.


I was freaking out and telling Pookie "Don't you open that door for anyone!" After he went downstairs, I peeked out the window and right next to his car, was sitting a county police cruiser. Silly Pookie....when he looked out the window he didn't have his glasses on and wasn't able to see it was a police officer.

Turns out that Pookie's car was broken in to. Nothing was taken, but, what a bummer. I guess some idiots decided to hit our neighborhood and look for the random car to break in to, hoping to steal a cell phone, GPS unit, whatever. His stereo wasn't touched nor was anything else in the car. Since he has a 2 door sports car, there wasn't space to open the door and do any real snooping, they just opened the glove box and ran. I guess they got another car on our court too.

Then this morning I looked out and saw the police again. Low and behold, 2 cars down from my Pookie, another neighbor was hit as well. He is a federal employee and his work car was hit....but this time they got a laptop. Nice.....I have no idea what this guy does for the gov't and no idea what sort of information was on his laptop, but I have other things to worry about. His wife's car (another federal employee) was parked right next to his, and it was totally unlocked and untouched. Now if I was hitting cars in a townhome community, I think I would hit up some soccer mom mobiles as they seem to be full of goodies (no offense fellow Moms). They don't open doors, they just smash a window, reach in and see what they can grab.

Pookie seems to think his car karma lately has been suspect. Recently he was at the grocery store, on a trip for some Chunky Monkey ice cream at my request whilst on bedrest - he's so awesome - and while at Safeway, some kids decided to key the roof of the car all around the sunroof. Here is where the karma comes in....Is a Mitsubishi Eclipse a good car for a family? Not quite. I mentioned to him a while back that he might want to consider getting something a little more sensible as there is no way the car seat will fit in the back of his car. The thing is, this car is paid for. This is super nice. He isn't a fancy car kind of guy so I'm sure we could find a perfectly sensible yet stylish and manly vehicle for him, but sign up for another car payment, no matter how small, that just sucks.

In the meantime, I have the mommy-mobile and it seems to be working. We will just take turns dropping at daycare, we work together, blah blah blah, we'll figure it out. It's a Ford Escape (s-cop-ay for you Finding Nemo fans) and I can already tell I will need an upgrade to either a minivan (eww) or a slightly larger but not ginormous SUV in the future. How am I supposed to fit a stroller, car seat, groceries and other people in this car??? But, I digress....the kid is only two weeks old. I might be getting a little ahead of myself.

Anyhow, the Safelite Auto Glass peeps will be here in the AM to replace that passenger window, vacuum up all the glass and see if our makeshift garbage bag/packing tape weather barrier did any paint damage. In the meantime, I might head over to Carmax to check out some potential Daddy mobiles.

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Anonymous said...

That stinks about the break ins.

Funny that you are already thinking of upgrading your ford escape... my brother and sil just had a baby and upgraded to the ford escape. They both had crysler seabring convertibles though and it was super difficult to get the car seat into let alone any other gear. Good luck!