Friday, March 28, 2008

Our first field trip!

We had a big day on Thursday. It was pretty much our first field trip outside of the house to go somewhere other than the doctor or hospital. Well....we did go to the hospital for a sonogram to check out that pesky kidney thing. We will follow up with ye old pediatrician next week to review the findings. The concern was that his right kidney was slightly dilated and urine could be backing up into his kidney. Well, let me tell you - this kid is working on his target practice. He has pee'd on everything & everyone within about a 4 foot radius. Rest assured...the kidneys are working. But after that.....the fun began!

We came home, did some quick change action & grabbed a bottle. Then Mom, Grandma and Ricky went skipping off to IHOP. I love me some IHOP. Ricky was just wonderful for the trip. Not only did he sleep through the entire sonogram deal, he slept at IHOP, he slept in the car, he just slept and slept and slept. Within about 5 minutes of being strapped into his carseat, he just passes out. Now lets combine the carseat and the stroller with the hum of mall activity. He was out like a light. I began to get a little concerned at one point because this kid normally starts stirring around 3 1/2 hours wanting some food, but rarely goes past 4 hours. But noooooooo, he just kept on sleeping. Fret not, we made it home by the 4 1/2 hr mark to get fed.

So overall, a successful outing. Except for the price of baby clothes. OMG! Since when does $19.99 equal a SALE price for a pair of khakis at Baby Gap??? I can get khakis for myself cheaper than that. I did pick up a couple things at Children's Place, but can see that my kiddo will be decked out in the finest to be offered by Target and Walmart for sure.

In the meantime....I leave you with this photo. I call it "Greetings from IHOP". I think he was a little miffed that he didn't get to share my bacon with me.

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