Friday, February 29, 2008

Another eventful day for Nita....

Wow.....what a day. I don't even know where to start.

First off, I slept like CRAP. Go figure....1 day shy of 38 weeks and I'm having problems sleeping. I went down to my trusty recliner last night around 1am and got in about 2 1/2 hours, came back to bed around 5am and slept until around 10:30. I had an OB appt at 12:45 so I knew I had to get up and shower soon. After my shower I headed down to grab a quick bowl of cereal and had a little bit of dizziness. I chalked it up to not having eaten yet and it was after 11am, didn't really pay attention.

Off to the OB I go. While driving there, I did notice a tiny bit of blurred vision/dizziness again but it went away fairly quickly. I arrive to the Doc's, got hooked up to the fetal monitor and I guess she wasn't too pleased with how things were looking. That combined with the 2 dizzy spells and headaches pretty much every day that don't go away with rest, she sent me to the hospital for some more monitoring. She wanted to repeat the preeclampsia labs, do another BPP and check the fetal movement. Overall, everything is just fine. The BPP came back with a perfect score, his movement picked up once I had some juice and all the labs were just fine.

She did have one question for me: "Do you want to have the baby today?"

I was like um....WHA? Isn't that what you get paid to decide? There is no medical necessity so I opted out. I just came home a bit ago, ate some dinner and now I'm back in bed about to take a nap.

Two interesting things I will say.....Why did I fill out a preadmission form for the hospital if they are going to ask me all of the same questions all over again? Second...I saw the "Fired OB" in the hallway on my way to radiology for my sonogram and he basically ignored me. You can tell I definitely bruised his ego and stepped on his little toes. Also, my L&D nurse said in no uncertain terms that she totally understood why I switched doctors as my former OB has been known to be a little abrasive at times. He was even snarky with my new OB. He really should just retire and go home to be cranky instead of subjecting others to his bad attitude.

Lastly....and no offense to anyone in the medical profession as I have the utmost respect for all of these individuals. But please tell me....why did the med tech completely ignore me when I politely requested that she draw the blood from my hand? I hadn't had nearly enough water today and of course she stuck me in my arm, with absolutely no success. Yay....I love a second stick.

Oh, one sono, he was well over 7 lbs. by this point. Dang, I'm scatter brained...I can't even keep my thoughts together long enough to blog in an orderly fashion. Seriously, I'm off to nap now. Let's pray for a quiet, headache free, non-blurry weekend.


Girl said...

Hmm, all I can think to say is "things I don't miss about being pregnant".

I can't wait to meet him, but I have said that time and time again.

And 7 pounds? Bigger then my Doogal but as big as my Phatboy.

Girl said...

Thinking about you today. Many hugs and prayers.

Beth said...

Is he here? On a scale of 1-10 is he 140 beautiful? I was thinking about you all day. Hope all is good!

Love you!

Auntie Beth

Sarah said...

Congrats Nita! Can't wait to see pictures of Ricky!!!