Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Isn't this kid done yet?

I know our little bean has a bit longer to cook, but I will say, I am totally over being pregnant.

I have experienced pregnancy. It's been cool. I loved seeing that positive home test. I really enjoyed picking out all sort of baby things and sharing this news with family and friends. I haven't even really minded the baby weight gain (up about 30lbs so far). I love the closeness that it has brought to my marriage. I still love hearing his heartbeat and feeling him move - those are the things I will know I will miss the most. There are some rather unwelcome side effects such as the breast tenderness, the excessive acid reflux, the whole tailbone issue (which isn't nearly as severe now, but still lingering...), the swollen feet and hands. All of that I'm sure any of us gals can agree we would be happy to live without.

But lately......I am just tired of being pregnant. For those of you who think that being pregnant is what you were put on this earth to do, well congratulations. I am so proud that there are women like you in the world. That said, I don't believe I will ever be a member of your club. You're all amazing and I bow to you. You suck. Don't go taking that personally, these are 34 week hormones talking and I'm just jealous.

Also - my poor Pookie. He has been wonderful, really, I swear. I hear some stories from people about their partners behavior during pregnancy and think to myself that I do have it really good. But lately, it seems that the slightest little thing makes me want whack him. For no good reason. So I remind myself that he has been here the entire time and has supported me and done every little thing I have ever asked of him. He is a truly wonderful man and I am blessed to have such a special and amazing person in my life. I swear I won't whack him. I know it's just the hormones talking.

I work full time and recently transitioned to a new role in the company - yay me, got a promotion! Fortunately I am in a position where I can come in a little late and leave a smidge early so I can get in those extra 30 minutes of sleep in the morning or even come home and take a cat nap. I have definitely been slowing down in the last few weeks. I am starting to feel pretty uncomfortable and lets not mention the bathroom breaks every 45-60 minutes. I'm just one tired puppy.

So little one, I know you still have some growing to do. I know you like it in there and I think I have made it a pretty cool place to be. But Mommy could really use a latte made with fully caffeinated coffee. There is a special date in mind, you and I have talked about it. It isn't too far before your scheduled date of arrival so if you want to help Mommy out.....well, that's up to you. I know you will come when you're ready.

We can't wait for you to get here.

Oh yeah.....I am praying that Pioneer Woman doesn't mind that I snagged a picture of her Charlie for this post. We have been puppy-less for over 2 years now so I don't have any sleepy puppy pics and those eyes of Charlie's, well that is just the exact kind of pic I was looking for.

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