Sunday, February 3, 2008

Information Overload....

Childbirth & Breastfeeding classes were yesterday.

Here I was thinking I would be all efficient and knock out both of these classes in one day. I opted for one on one sessions. The lovely Melinda from Loudoun Community Midwives took care of my childbirth class. Childbirth class was immediately followed by a session with Certified Lactation Consultant, Maureen from the Leesburg Pharmacy. Ok, first off....this is A LOT of information to absorb in one day.

Ok, so childbirth class.....I think there were FIVE different types of breathing to use depending on the various stages of labor! I would have to check my notes to make sure but seriously - FIVE? I definitely understand the importance of the cleansing breath as that does help me relax quite a bit. My concern is, how the heck am I supposed to remember which type of breathing to use at what time? I mean, I have read all kinds of books and I know what to expect and all that jazz. I trust that reading over my notes and working some with Pookie will definitely get me more prepared. What I did do thought was I played with the body ball. I really like it. I was always afraid that I am so clumsy I would just roll off but I did just fine. I actualy felt very comfortable. It reminded me of my bouncy with the handle that I had when I was a kid.

Breastfeeding came next. This was much easier, at least the information was easier to absorb, most likely since there wasn't as much information to absorb. I'm sure I will have many many questions later, but I have all kinds of friends I can talk to when the time comes.

What I think I liked most about these classes were definitely the instructors. Melinda and Maureen both were amazing. They both have said I am welcome to contact them if I have any questions at all. They can appreciate that it IS alot of information for someone to absorb in one session. They were very patient and answered all of our questions. Maureen is going to take care of fitting me for a nursing bra based on some specific needs I have requested. And it is clear that both of these women truly enjoy what they are doing. They love teaching and getting to know their patients. They don't mind if you need to call with a random question and most of all, I felt so comfortable with both of these ladies that I felt there were no stupid questions.

So, while it was a ton of data to take in one day, it was definitely worth it. I feel much more prepared. For some reason I have this crazy fear of pain, but the thing is, I have never really experienced a significant amount of pain. Haven't so much as broken a bone much less had any sort of surgery. Heck, the only thing I have been to the hospital for is a few stitches in my foot once like 15 years ago. So, I will focus on getting myself in a better state of mind and know that this, combined with the very beneficial information I have learned and having Pookie by my side, things will be wonderful.

Melinda did mention that we might want to come up with a list of phrases for Pookie to NOT say. So far the list is.....
  1. Pain is mental. That would set me off faster than fireworks on 4th of July!
  2. I'm heading to Pollo to get something to eat....want me to....nah, nevermind.
I'm sure this will grow some over the next couple weeks.


erica said...

Hey there, the nurses will help you remember what breath to use. My last one was great. I hope to get her for the next time. Have you packed a bag for the baby and you yet? I know that it is a month away still but you never know. When a baby makes up its mind there is no stopping them. Irelynn was 4 weeks early. Everything will be fine.

Jessica said...

I am so freakin' excited :)!! I am really glad that both Melin and Maureen were helpful to you!! They really are great ladies and I'm so glad that they were able to help you out!!
I can't wait for the big day...And you might want to pass that list of what not to say along to me, just so I can step on Pookie's foot at the right times!

Girl said...

I can't believe how close you're getting and I am too, excited!

Andi said...

I can't wait for Lil Rick to get here! It seems like it is going by so fast. I am so excited for you!! Luv ya!